About Me


Born in Melbourne, Australia in the early 70's, I was always interested in creative arts but didn't pick up a camera until almost three decades later. I remember travelling down the printine west cost of Australia with a cheap little point-and-shoot film camera! After that I bought my first SLR, a Nikon F60. Before long, this thing called photography enveloped me and dropped me into a new perspective. I loved this new non-verbal communication channel I had found and begun expressing myself through imagery. I was never I big talker anyway :) That next year I bought a Nikon F5, F100 camera and a few F2.8 pro lenses to match. What a beautiful (and quite expensive) leap into pro photographery that was!

I still remember the apprehension and nervousness of having my photos exhibited for others to see (as I write this I find myself grinning nostalgically). Until then I kept my images fairly private. I photographed weddings, festivals, celebrations and fashion looking for my niche. Many years later I found my place in world travel photography, two of the things I love! To this end, I have lived in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and also visited many other regions. I rarely shoot weddings now (only on very special request) but I am still attracted to the romance and emotion of the event.

I have been commissioning professional photography, part-time since November 2001, traveling wherever and whenever possible to world locations capturing different cultures, life styles and habits of people and places in their natural light. Throught the lense, I am patient, I am driven and proven competent in photographic assignments, stories and features. For me, the act of taking a photograph is a very personal one. Every shot has an emotion, a journey and a part of me in each still. In seeing this in my images is to know a part of me. This is what keeps me going.

Post production, I am sorting images and applying light Photoshop enhancements. For my clients I deliver a high quality professional experience through my photography and booklet and poster designs (InDeign and Illustrator) that have included publications such as travel magaizines, editorials, not-for-profit campaigns, private and corporate print collections, commercial product advertising and general Internet spot imagry. Apart from beng published, nothing gives me more exhilaration and satisfaction than seeing 'that shot' I am seeking in the back of my camera screen!

I am based in Dubai, UAE and available for niche projects anywhere in the world. The photos on this website are for sale by license and represent a selection of my large stock library and an insight into my photographic style. If you are interested in a particular subject, culture or world region, please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.